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The Orchestra Leader
"Tis is not an ego-mad manager that must make every decision just because he is the manager.

He asks his staff for their opinion on certain things, he takes everyone's opinion in case they have seen it from a certain angle he hasn't. But Paul knows in the end he is at the sharp end so it has to
be his decision.

You all feel worthwhile and you cannot expect team spirit from your players if you haven't got it in
your own unit. He is terrific at creating that unity and that feeling of worthiness. You are all part of
the success when there's a win. It is his success but you feel part of it and take your share of the burden when we've lost.

He spreads out the pressure and the joy and that is why everyone wants to work for him. Players
and staff want to work and win for him. He is the orchestra leader leading us in when we are relevant. Look at the way he trusted Mel Gwinnett to select the next goalkeeper to come in, it's immense and why not? Mel is going to have to work with that chap, be it Artur or the next one".

Fair Enough
"You aren't going to see Tis arguing with an opposition manager, player or fan. He just hasn't got
time for that in his head. He is thinking of the team, substitutions and tactics to finish the game.
He hasn't got time for the ego bits.

I love the fact that Tis wants us to play fair and grabs the ball at a throw-in and gives it to the opponent. That would get frowned upon at a lot of clubs. The real message he is giving there, in my opinion, is: ‘We are good enough for you to have that ball back. If my team had to depend on me
letting that ball go and wasting a few seconds then we aren't a very good team.'

He is very clean cut, that's his image but also what he's like. You'd know that through your
interviews in his answers to your questions posed".


Live and Learn
"You talk about judgment of players, judgment of teams and thinking on his feet, Tis has all these things, he is a very classy act.

And the thing I really like about him is that he has learnt from what has happened to him. For
example, dealing with injuries or the disappointment, the lack of confidence and doubts that comes with it. Of course he is leaving it to his medical staff but he can give his point of view.

He went on loan countless times so if anyone can accept a player coming in on loan or know the worthiness of putting someone out on loan, it's him.

That is just one reason why he is a very talented manager who sits in the top ten longest serving managers. That fact says a lot about his ability and his character".

Always Progressing
"Tis is always seeking progress and looking to improve everyday whether that's himself personally,
his players and staff, his team as a unit or the club as a whole. Just look at Andy Marriott for
example, Paul saw his talents and created a role for him at the club which has now lead to a job in
the Premier League.

Tis was the ideal choice after Eamonn and Alex who both had their own unique qualities and I feel
Paul believes there is a job to be done here, he isn't finished here.

And long may that continue".

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